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Launching our New website

The one consistent thing in life is change

In every moment there is infinite possibility.
Think, believe and know it is so.

Time seems to move so fast these days. The clouds almost spin wildly through the orbit with intention as the days fly off the calendar. It seems the abundance of Spirit's creative force is in full swing, especially as the seasons change.

I'm reveling in the changes of the season. The roses in bloom, the increase in the ocean's temperature, even the greater opportunity for me to paint out on my patio without the gray days of June's gloom, thrill me when I open my eyes every morning. Along with that natural, evolutionary change comes some new possibilities with the resources we have in technology at CSL Laguna Woods.

As you know, Mac - the love of my life, managed the technology at CSLLW up until the final months of his life. The process of reorienting life without him has distracted me from the technical tools he was so adept at handling.

As we all learn, Life with a capital L like the sky, which is sometimes the backdrop for puffy clouds and sometimes for stormy clouds, always becomes clear again. Decorated by the beauty, love, joy, peace, loss, sadness, and infinite human experiences we encounter the summer of Life always returns and then we can see again the infinite potential in a fresh new season.

I'm very excited to launch our new website and I am certain Mac would join me in the joy of a new platform for our community. In addition to the new look, with the help of Lori Gertz, we've made the domain a little more convenient to remember. You can still access the site at, and it will also be at, as well as, You will always be able to visit us at any of these domains, however, bookmark the second domain name for your ease and convenience.

We will also be posting a little more on Facebook. Watch us there for news of things happening in the community, photos we think you will love, tips, affirmations and memes to make you smile. Share us with your Laguna Woods Village friends and, of course, your family. Let me know if you like the new look and absolutely take the time to send me your suggestions. We are a Spiritual Center that makes a difference in the world.

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