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President: Miles Wood
Vice President: Carma Ritter
Secretary/Administrative Assistant: Donnee Prestia
Treasurer: Helen Baldwin
Members at large: Ann Hoffelder, Carol Agon and
Reverend Linda McNamar




Members of this council are elected by our members to make decisions for our center regarding finance, involvement with community and in promoting the Center.

Our Leadership Council is comprised of 7 members including our minister.


The responsibilities of the Leadership Council are to oversee all ancillary matters of our Center. The Council maintains a diligent watch over the financial matters of our Center.


Our officers are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two members at large. Our term of office is for three years. Each year two members who have served their three year term rotate off the council.

Note: it is possible that any member who have served their three year term could
be re-elected to the council for another three term.



Our Center for Spiritual Living is a giving center. Every year, over many years, we have provided financial support to a variety of worthy causes.


Our two favorite causes here in our county are:

1. The Laguna Woods Foundation - This organization comes to the aid of residents who are in serious need of assistance for short term crisis management.


2. South County Outreach Food Pantry: We like to contribute to this organization as we know it is of value to local families in need of food.


In addition to the above two organizations, here is a partial list of recipients
we have gifted to: 


The Shea Equestrian Center for disabled people

Cat Club of Laguna Woods

Meals provided to our Fire Department as a 'Thank you for your service'

CASA - court Appointed Special Advocates for children and youths in the Foster Care system.

Christmas gifts for children temporarily housed at Human Options

Donation to one of our Centers for Spiritual Living to help the residents of Paradise City, Northern CA, recover from the major fire.

Purchased Boxing Gloves for a Group of people fighting Parkinsons disease. Boxing is but one of the forms of exercise that is of value to these patients.

"I am so happy to say that we donated 322 pounds of food and $180 cash to the South County Outreach. When I went to drop off food at South County Outreach, I watched as a long line of people were waiting. It was a busy time and it was a heart warming to know that our Center was participating in helping them.

It also struck me when I looked at those who were waiting, that it could be anyone of us in a similar situation."

Donnee Prestia - Member and Leadership Council
December 18, 2022
Donation of books to South County Outreach
Donnee Prestia delivering food to the South County Outreach.
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