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Weekly Spiritual Services

At this time we are offering Online Services via Zoom. Please contact us for more information

Meditation Service

Sunday 9:40 A.M.

Celebration Service 

Sunday 10:00 A.M.

Sunday Meeting Place

Laguna Woods Village
Performing Arts Center 
(Formerly Clubhouse 3), 
Dining Room 1
23822 Avenida Sevilla
Laguna Woods, CA


Enter through Gate 1 from 
El Toro Road
Continue on Avenida Sevilla to 
Clubhouse 3 (on right)



Enter through Gate 3 from 
Moulton Parkway
Continue on Calle Aragon 
to Clubhouse 3 (on left)

Our 2021 Theme


Saying yes to what's on your heart to enhance your life.

Upcoming Topics

Living Boldly and Thriving


Serving Up Freedom   
Affirmation: Today is a new day filled with opportunity and freedom. Spirit is my light along the way. My journey is one of Joy.

If I Am a Butterfly, Why Am I Still Crawling?
Affirmation: Today I spread the wings of my spirit and soar into greater expression of my Higher Self. I am inspired in my every thought, word, and action.


Making the Ordinary Special
Affirmation: Today the Universe is actively creating my greater good. I know my life is prosperous, my relationships are flourishing, and my focus gives meaning and purpose to my life.


Are You in a No Parking Zone? 

Affirmation: Today I am living boldly and my life is thriving. I am receptive to the guidance of the Universe as I make each decision. I am happy, whole and complete in my expression of life.


Being Positively Present   

Affirmation: Today everything to which I give my attention flourishes with new energy. By my acts of generosity, I bring joy to my every encounter. I live with love in the present moment.


Practicing Spiritual Service 


Today I awaken to the Spirit within me. 

Affirmation: I give myself freely into life and I receive freely from it.   I resolve to see the good in every person and every event in this day.


Learn how To Stop Procrastinating 

Affirmation: Today I liberate my thoughts from any preconceived limitations. I declare freedom to be my natural state and I set my course with courage and clarity.

Being Willing To Do New Things 

Affirmation: Today I allow my imagination full creative range. New and creative activities open before me and I am free to live in wisdom and plenty

Being Alive in the World of Wonderful Ideas

Affirmation: Today I honor the Oneness of  all creation. I think creatively. I feel deeply. I love without conditions. I am alive with Spirit.

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