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Laguna Woods Leadership

We are a group of people who believe that life is a journey and that each person is both human and divine in nature. We present a unique, forward-thinking approach to living as conscious, intentional beings, applying constructive spiritual principles of awareness right in the midst of our daily life. We embrace the Truth found in all faiths and welcome and honor the personal pathway of each person.

If you are looking for an intelligent, open, friendly, spiritual community and a place where you are encouraged to expand or renew your own spiritual understanding, come and experience us. You will find great music and a dynamic, practical message every Sunday. If what you see and hear interests you, consider making us your spiritual home.

Minister, Dr. Linda McNamar 
Dr. Linda McNamar

Dr. Linda has been minister of Center for Spiritual Living - Laguna Woods since 2003. She resides in Laguna Woods Village. Dr. Linda has been a frequent author for Science of Mind Magazine and currently writes a monthly column for The Globe, the weekly newspaper for Laguna Woods Village. She teaches ministerial Masters candidates at the Encinitis Campus of Holmes Institute and regularly invites graduate students to Intern at the Laguna Woods Center.

Leadership Council 

President: Susan Weisenbergr 

Vice President: Ellie Levin

Secretary: Donnee Prestia

Treasurer: Lorraine Heald

Carol Agon
Miles Wood

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